blair_cedar_urnsThese attractive Cedar urns are included when receiving your pets remains.  We are able to custom engrave with clip art and tributes for your beloved pet.

Here is another entry level product if you prefer.


Ceramic Paw PrintIMG_1410

A paw print of your pet is cast into a ceramic mold where a staff member from Wasatch Family Pet Services will cure and finish it with care. Theses are hand-made products, painted and glazed at our facility. Paw prints take approximately three weeks to complete.IMG_1414

Basic colors are blue and pink, but other colors are available upon request.


Polymer Paw Prints


The polymer paw prints are less fragile than the ceramic. The process is very similar but take about one week to complete.

Basic colors are black and pink ribbon but other colors are available upon request.  The paw pad is black.

Memorial Markersrock

We will custom sand blast in stone or wood for you to use as a memorial marker.  These markers take 3-4 weeks to complete.



* We also offer hundreds of Premium Urns and anything else you can find through some of our valued suppliers.

Please click on the links below to view a wide selection of urns and memorial products offered by our suppliers.  Contact us and we can place an order for any of the many items offered.  If you have found a product through a different supplier please contact us, we may be able to get discount pricing.

Premium urn selections are
an additional charge
logo1          queisco           infinityurns

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